Thorichthys ellioti
12/1 2007

Young female
12/1 2007

Young male
10/12 2007

A young pair guarding their first fry and  a closeup of the fry.
5/1 2008

A batch of fry, just prior to the free swimming stage.
5/1 2008

Adult male. Notice the very elongated fins.
26/1 2007

Female with eggs.
3/2 2008

Female and male guarding fry. Like most Central American cichlids, also
T. ellioti is very easy to breed, and exceedingly productive. this pair spawned with 2 weeks intervals, app. 200 fry.
15/3 2008

Female by the eggs.
T.ellioti are very stable parents.
20/4 2008

Portraits. Male above, female below.