Archocentrus multispinosa
22/12 2007

Pair in the typical colour indicating fear or discomfort. This is almost always the colour they show in the pet store.
3/1 2008

Male in Display colours. This is the colours shown when the pair is mating or spawning.
5/1 2008

Female in Display colours.
26/1 2008

Pair with eggs. This pair is incredibly productive, producing app. 400 eggs every few weeks.
3/2 2008

The male is guarding a batch og wrigglers.
29/6 2008

The pair over a batch of fry. Notice the change og colour postspawn. The parents have attained pitch-black flanks, a colour they keep through the tending period.
29/6 2008

Closer to the fry...
29/6 2008

Really close!
12/7 2009

This picture is shot without flash, and depicts the colours of the fish fairly accurately.