Pterophyllum scalare (Rio Manacapuru)
23/2 2008

Juveniles app. 3 cm
20/4 2008

Juveniles app. 4 com. These are not the same fish as shown at the top.
19/9 2008

Young specimens of unknown gender. The red spot on the shoulder is very visible now.
29/9 2008
20/4 2009

The images above depict a spawning pair. All pictures are taken without flash, in order to avoid disturbing the fish, which unforunately, due to the dimly lit tank, has caused a reduction in sharpness. I find however, that the content compensates for this...
12/7 2009

19/9 2009

Image series from the new Scalare tank. The fish have just been moved, and are consequently somewhat pale, but the direct sunlight still has a remarkable effect.
9/7 2010
23/8 2010
2/2 2011
17/10 2011
24/02 2012