Cyprichromis sp. "leptosoma jumbo" (Kitumba)
15/8 2006

Displaying male, with females in the background
28/9 2006

An especially colourful male, in the prime of his life
12/12 2006

12/12 2006

Brooding female
29/12 2006

Female. This female is significantly more colourful than what is normal
5/3 2007

Pair in typical spawning postures
24/3 2007

Displaying males. As is clearly evident from this gallery, the colour variation is immense for this species
10/12 2007

More examples of the immense variation
23/2 2008

Brooding female
20/3 2008

Males are spending a lot of time securing their position in the hierarchy, and changes at the top occurs fairly often
20/4 2008