My name is Kim Jakobsen. I was born in 1961. As probably evident from this site, My primary interests are Aquaria and photography. I have been active in these hobbies for some time; I built My own first tank in 1976, and bought My first SLR camera in 1980.

My attitude towards both hobbies are very low-practical; I gain as much knowledge about how others do things, by reading any relevant literature I can get My hands on, and then test My gained knowledge in practice! Then I form My own opinion about how things should be done. Most of the time, it corresponds to what I have read, but it does happen, that My own experience varies from the common opinion on the matter. This is reflected in My articles.

My favorite motto:
Anything worth doing, is worth doing properly, so if You can`t do that right now, wait until You can!

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